Core Values

People holding hands before a sunset.

A New Way to Celebrate an Ancient Faith

The Church of the Holy Family is an ecumenical Catholic faith community comprised of Christians from many faith traditions who seek to make the richness of Catholic spirituality and tradition available and accessible to all. Our community, a member of the growing Ecumenical Catholic Communion, is made up of former Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Protestants as well as many people who, for some reason, have felt excluded from the Roman Catholic Church.

We are “ecumenical” because we promote worldwide Christian unity and cooperation. Our members include individuals who feel excluded from their faith traditions. We recognize the dignity of all people regardless of their race, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

Our ecumenical spirituality allows all to receive the sacraments available through our Catholic tradition. We welcome all to the Lord’s table at our Mass celebration.

Our Mission

To be an inclusive family in Christ celebrating our Catholic tradition in an atmosphere of acceptance and support; sharing ourselves and our gifts with each other and our community. We are committed to the spiritual formation of all members and welcome all those who desire a relationship with God.