Church of the Holy Family

All Are Welcome

Our Mission is



Relationship with God


Church of the Holy Family is a progressive community in which members celebrate an ancient faith in the Catholic tradition.  We practice “radical hospitality”.  All are invited to participate in activities, discussion, study groups and social gatherings without regard to gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or members of other faith traditions.

Everyone is welcome to the table of the Lord

Eucharist is to be shared. Jesus did not exclude anyone nor deny the bread of life, neither will we.

An Ecumenical Catholic Faith Community

Church of the Holy Family is a member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, an independent, inclusive Catholic community.  As part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, Holy Family members are called by the Spirit to proclaim the Gospel of liberation and justice and to offer a refuge in Christ for those who have been excluded or marginalized by their faith tradition.

Sunday Mass, 10:00 AM.
Office and Mass: 8811 E. Hampden Ave Suite 101, Denver, CO 80231