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The Rocky Mountain Regional Council (RMRC) is made up of delegates, both clergy and lay, from all the communities in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Each community selects a lay delegate from its membership. The pastor selects the clergy delegate. In addition the Vicar of the region is appointed by the Presiding Bishop.

RMRC embodies the ideal of laity/clergy shared leadership.

The current members are:

Vicar: Fr. Michael Nicosia - Pax Christi
John Head – Church of the Holy Family
Fr. Len Schreiner – Church of the Holy Family
Mother Kae Madden – Church of the Beloved
Fr. Teri Harroun – Church of the Beloved
Jack Wolfe – Light of Christ
Fr. Jim Demuth – Mary of Magdala
Kerrie Anderson – Mary of Magdala
(Lara Martinex -Treasurer)
(Bill Hanzel - Webmaster)

  • Defining policies and developing procedures for the efficient operation of the region;
  • Identifying and securing resources to support the work of the region;
  • Engaging possible new communities interested in learning more about the ECC;
  • Initiating and facilitating the work associated with calling forth a bishop when appropriate;
  • Promoting ecumenical relationships within the region;
  • Facilitating relationships among the regional member communities such as sharing resources and praying together;
  • Sustaining ongoing communication via liaisons with each member community.
RMRC embodies the ideal of laity/clergy shared leadership. Although all RMRC members belong to local ECC communities, their role and function is to represent the entire region rather than any specific community.