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oil painting of nativity scene, circa 1480, by Flemish painter Hugo van der Goes entitled The Adoradion of the Shepherds

Safe Spaces, Empowering Families

Family Ministry is not about having the right programs or events to attract dozens of teenagers to our awesome youth group. It is about creating safe spaces where our young people can explore their spirituality without fear of judgment or reproach.

Family Ministry is not about parents dropping their children off at the church for a different program every night of the week. It is about partnering with families to ensure that our church meets their unique needs and empowering parents to be spiritual leaders in their own homes.

Family Ministry is not about segregating families from the already thriving spiritual life of Holy Family. It is about creating a family-friendly culture and integrating families into the beautiful, messy liturgical life of our church.


Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Each week during Sunday morning Mass, elementary age students are invited to join one of our teachers to discuss the day’s Bible lesson. Students return to Mass in time to celebrate the Eucharist with their family.

Teen Group

Middle and high school students meet about once a month for fun, relationship-building, and spiritual growth. Our goal is to be a safe place for our students to ask questions about God and life. We typically meet on Sundays after Mass.

Family Fun Events

We try to plan quarterly events for our families to get together for a low-cost, family-friendly activity. These events are for children and families of all ages.

Youth Mass

Each quarter, our students take over the liturgy! Students act as greeters, readers, prayers, and singers. This is a great way for youth to own their faith and to learn more about what it means to be Catholic.

Family Service Saturdays

We’ve partnered with Family Promise of Greater Denver to offer a regular, monthly service opportunity for our families. On the last Saturday of every month, we go down to the Family Promise daysite. As a small non-profit, there are a lot of projects to be done. Some months, we provide childcare. Other months, there are cleaning and organizing projects. Families can attend once or every month. This is a chance for students to get in some of their required service hours, as well as a chance for families to spend time together!

Child Care

We are proud to offer child care during our Sunday Mass and monthly Celtic Mass. Child care is provided for children ages 6 months to 8 years. All of our child care providers are First Aid and CPR certified. We strive to maintain a 5:1 ratio of children to providers at all times.

Child care is available at special events upon request.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments regarding our Family Ministry.

The Adoration of the Shepherds

The Adoration of the Shepherds is a tempera on canvas oil painting by Flemish artist Hugo van der Goes.

The work, completed circa 1480, presently hangs at the Gemäldegalerie museum in Berlin.

The Adoration of the Shepherds, a tempera on canvas oil painting by Flemish artist Hugo van der Goes, circa 1480

©Jean Louis Mazieres, Musee Berlin Gemäldegalerie
Used under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license