A Footnote to Our Lenten-Easter Journey

This short post from Deacon David packs a big (for lack of a better word) punch. I hope you’ll read his reflection, take the time to sit with these words, and let them sink in to your spirit. 


To the extent that we grow into the Genesis affirmation that all creation is good, the Lenten-Easter journey is transformed and transforming. Jesus’s “Lenten Journey” was toward Jerusalem and a confrontation of spirit, history, and politics at the Cross. He wasn’t practicing giving up stuff or penitence for his human frailty. He was practicing discernment of his own life calling and seeking the courage to offer his life to that mission. Lent is about discovering our highest and best selves and the focus of our engagement. It’s a time of opening to what is emerging within us and a season of exploring what keeps us from wholehearted self-offering. Easter is the joyous celebration of the eye-popping inner realization that the Power of Being Itself—the God-Christ-Spirit Word that filled all matter with energy at the moment of creation—is behind and within all opening, exploration, discovery, and becoming. Lent is the practice of discerning how Creation is transforming our own lives and Easter is the celebration of Creation’s gratuitous offering of uplifting and life-giving transformation.

2 thoughts on “A Footnote to Our Lenten-Easter Journey”

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    Patti Briones on May 5, 2017 Reply

    David, I take your blog post as a loving challenge to discern my own life calling and to have the courage to offer my life to that mission. Thank you. Patti

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      David Dunn on May 24, 2017 Reply

      This loving challenge to discern is a challenge we share. dd

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